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B & K® Faucets

B & K offers a  selection of kitchen, lavatory, bar, and tub and shower facuets that are dependable and priced right. 
- These top quality faucets are design for easy operation and tested for years of reliability. 
- B & K faucets meet all current Federal specifications for low lead and water conservation.
- Contain washerless cartridges.
- Choose B & K for the best quality product at the best price!

PHBK221-6152 Handle Acrylic Lavatory Faucet w/pop up$36.25
PHBK222-3122 Handle Handicap Lever Faucet w/pop up$48.00
PHBK222-6092 Handle Acrylic Kitchen Faucet, 8"$34.99
PHBK222-6192 Handle Acrylic Kitchen Faucet 8" w/spray$45.00
PHBK222-2251 Handle Tub & Shower Faucet$61.00
PHBK222-2153 Valve Tub & Shower Faucet$64.00
PHBK222-2122 Handle Tub & Shower Faucet$58.95
PHBK222-1081 Handle Kitchen Faucet 8"$45.00
PHBK222-1181 Handle Kitchen Faucet /w spray 8"$52.95
PHBK221-999Ledgeback Lavatory Faucet w/pop up$125.00
PHBK222-3341 Hdl. Lavatory Faucet Lever Hdl. w/pop up$46.50

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