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Standard Galvanized Nipples

- Complies with ASTM A-53 mill tested Schedule 40
- Meets ANSI B36.1
- Zinc coating applied by hot dipped. 
- Galvanized complies with ASTM A-123.
- All pipe is chaser thread cut to American Standard Tapered Pipe Thread standards.  This is 3/4" taper per foot.       

SRG11811101/8" x CL Galv. Nipple$0.52
SRG11811111/8" x 1-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.70
SRG11811121/8" x 2" Galv. Nipple$0.70
SRG11811131/8" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.94
SRG11811141/8" x 3" Galv. Nipple$0.94
SRG11811151/8" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.10
SRG11811161/8" x 4" Galv. Nipple$1.10
SRG11811171/8" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.86
SRG11811181/8" x 5" Galv. Nipple$1.86
SRG11811191/8" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$2.09
SRG11811201/8" x 6" Galv. Nipple$2.09
SRG11811321/8" x 12" Galv. Nipple$3.56
SRG11422101/4" x Close Galv. Nipple$0.56
SRG11422111/4" x 1-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.64
SRG11422121/4" x 2" Galv. Nipple$0.64
SRG11422131/4" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.84
SRG11422141/4" x 3" Galv. Nipple$0.84
SRG11422151/4" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.99
SRG11422161/4" x 4" Galv. Nipple$0.99
SRG11422171/4" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.36
SRG11422181/4" x 5" Galv. Nipple$1.36
SRG11422191/4" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.52
SRG11422201/4" x 6" Galv. Nipple$1.52
SRG11422321/4" x 12" Galv. Nipple$3.37
SRG13833103/8" x Close Galv. Nipple$0.59
SRG13833113/8" x 1-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.68
SRG13833123/8" x 2" Galv. Nipple$0.68
SRG13833133/8" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.91
SRG13833143/8" x 3" Galv. Nipple$0.91
SRG13833153/8" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.09
SRG13833163/8" x 4" Galv. Nipple$1.09
SRG13833173/8" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.49
SRG13833183/8" x 5" Galv. Nipple$1.49
SRG13833193/8" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.66
SRG13833203/8" x 6" Galv. Nipple$1.66
SRG13833323/8" x 12" Galv. Nipple$3.48
SRG11244101/2" x Close Galv. Nipple$0.48
SRG11244111/2" x 1-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.52
SRG11244121/2" x 2" Galv. Nipple$0.52
SRG11244131/2" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.59
SRG11244141/2" x 3" Galv. Nipple$0.59
SRG11244151/2" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.75
SRG11244161/2" x 4" Galv. Nipple$0.75
SRG11244171/2" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.87
SRG11244181/2" x 5" Galv. Nipple$0.87
SRG11244191/2" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.01
SRG11244201/2" x 6" Galv. Nipple$1.01
SRG11244241/2" x 8" Galv. Nipple$1.78
SRG11244321/2" x 12" Galv. Nipple$2.38
SRG13455103/4" x Close Galv. Nipple$0.59
SRG13455113/4" x 1-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.64
SRG13455123/4" x 2" Galv. Nipple$0.64
SRG13455133/4" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.70
SRG13455143/4" x 3" Galv. Nipple$0.70
SRG13455153/4" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$0.91
SRG13455163/4" x 4" Galv. Nipple$0.91
SRG13455173/4" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.09
SRG13455183/4" x 5" Galv. Nipple$1.09
SRG13455193/4" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.29
SRG13455203/4" x 6" Galv. Nipple$1.29
SRG13455243/4" x 8" Galv. Nipple$2.27
SRG13455323/4" x 12" Galv. Nipple$2.79
SRG10166101" x Close Galv. Nipple$0.79
SRG10166121" x 2"Galv. Nipple$0.95
SRG10166131" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.02
SRG10166141" x 3" Galv. Nipple$1.02
SRG10166151" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.21
SRG10166161" x 4" Galv. Nipple$1.21
SRG10166171" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.55
SRG10166181" x 5" Galv. Nipple$1.51
SRG10166191" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.71
SRG10166201" x 6" Galv. Nipple$1.71
SRG10166241" x 8 Galv. Nipple$2.85
SRG10166321" x 12" Galv. Nipple$3.80
SRG11477101-1/4" x Close Galv. Nipple$1.07
SRG11477121-1/4" x 2" Galv. Nipple$1.17
SRG11477131-1/4" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.28
SRG11477141-1/4" x 3" Galv. Nipple$1.28
SRG11477151-1/4" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.51
SRG11477161-1/4" x 4" Galv. Nipple$1.51
SRG11477171-1/4" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.86
SRG11477181-1/4" x 5" Galv. Nipple$1.86
SRG11477191-1/4" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$2.17
SRG11477201-1/4" x 6" Galv. Nipple$2.17
SRG11477321-1/4" x 12" Galv. Nipple$5.04
SRG11288101-1/2" x Close Galv. Nipple$1.25
SRG11288121-1/2" x 2" Galv. Nipple$1.35
SRG11288131-1/2" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.51
SRG11288141-1/2" x 3" Galv. Nipple$1.51
SRG11288151-1/2" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$1.90
SRG11288161-1/2" x 4" Galv. Nipple$1.90
SRG11288171-1/2" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$2.30
SRG11288181-1/2" x 5" Galv. Nipple$2.30
SRG11288191-1/2" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$2.59
SRG11288201-1/2" x 6" Galv. Nipple$2.59
SRG11288321-1/2" x 12" Galv. Nipple$5.35
SRG10299102" x Close Galv. Nipple$1.77
SRG10299132" x 2-1/2" Galv. Nipple$2.00
SRG10299142" x 3" Galv. Nipple$2.00
SRG10299152" x 3-1/2" Galv. Nipple$2.42
SRG10299162" x 4" Galv. Nipple$2.42
SRG10299172" x 4-1/2" Galv. Nipple$3.10
SRG10299182" x 5" Galv. Nipple$3.10
SRG10299192" x 5-1/2" Galv. Nipple$3.60
SRG10299202" x 6" Galv. Nipple$3.60
SRG10299322" x 12" Galv. Nipple$7.84

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