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No-Caulk & Solvent Weld Shower Drains

SC827-2B - No Caulk Cast Brass Body Drain
        Brass body and locknut with elastomer no-caulk                 gasket 
        Snap-in 430 stainless steel strainer
SC827-2J - Jack Rabbit™ Jacking Bolt Shower Drain
        Unique design uses stainless steel "jacking bolts"                 and a pressure plate washer to create a seal.                 No need to wrench tighten the outer locknut

        Perfect for replacement applications when                 workspace is restricted
        Brass body, locknut and pressure plate washer with                 elastomer no-caulk gasket
SC825-2P - Solvent Weld Shower Drain
        Available with brass inserts in top for machine                 screws or pilot holes for standard screws
        430 screw-on stainless steel strainer
        1-1/2" hub connection is also 2" spigot
        Do not use putty with plastic shower drains

SC827-2BNo Caulk Cast Brass Body Drain$16.77
SC827-2JJack Rabbit™ Jacking Bolt Shower Drain$30.30
SC825-2PSolvent Weld Shower Drain$5.50
SC825-2PFSSolvent Weld Offset Shower Drain$8.16
SC827-2SNReplacement Strainer/Satin Nickle$10.35
SC827-2RBReplacement Strainer/Rubbed Bronze$10.35

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