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Tuf-Tite® Plugs, Seals and Speed Levelers

Tuf-Tite Plugs & Seals
- Snap-in pipe seals - they're patented.  Simply insert your PVC pipe and push it through the flexible, polyethylene Tuf-Tite seal.  Pipes fit watertight.  Installation couldn't be easier.
- They're permanent - unlike cement-based pipe grout, Tuf-Tite seals will not crack or corrode in septic conditions. - S-35 Pipe Seal for sewer and drain, SDR35, thin wall, ASTM 3034, 1500 lb. crush.
- S-40 Pipe Seal for Schedule 40, 4" corrugated.
- P-10 Plug, for unused holes.
Tuf-Tite Speed Levelers™ - Control the flow of effluent from the Distribution Box.  Simply insert a Speed Leveler into each outlet pipe.  Rotate each Speed Leveler so the flow is distributed as desired.
- Available in 3" or 4" PVC pipe.

ADP-10P-10 Plugs Unused Holes$1.00
ADS-35S-35 for Sewer & Drain and SDR35$1.00
ADS-40S-40 for Schedule 40 and 4" Corrugated Tubing$1.00
ADSL-10Speed Leveler for Flow Control$1.35

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