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Stainless Steel Pipe Thread Sealer

Gray Thread Seal Tape for Stainless Steel (with nickel)

Blue Magic Industrial Grade Pipe Thread Compound is a slow drying, soft setting, non-hardening pipe thread compound intended for sealing threads on all metal, ABS, PVC, CPVC, and nylon plastic piping systems subject to extreme vibrations.

MDPTFEGSS50520PTFE Teflon Tape with Nickel1/2" Wide x 520" Long$4.50
MDPTFEGSS75260PTFE Teflon Tape with Nickel3/4" Wide x 260" Long$4.75
MDIG2Blue Magic Pipe Thread Sealer2 oz.$2.75
MDMASP05Blue Magic Aqua-Seal Thread Sealing Compound8 oz. bottle$9.75

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