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Grey Plastic Insert Fittings

For Flexible (Polyethylene) Plastic Pipe

MDPVCMA501/2" Barb to MIP Adapter$0.58
MDPVCMA753/4" Barb to MIP Adapter$0.80
MDPVCMA1001" Barb to MIP Adapter$1.19
MDPVCMA1251-1/4" Barb to MIP Adapter$0.90
MDPVCMA1501-1/2" Barb to MIP Adapter$1.35
MDPVCMA2002" Barb to MIP Adapter$2.90
MDPVCFA501/2" Barb to FIP Adapter$1.58
MDPVCFA753/4" Barb to FIP Adapter$2.10
MDPVCFA1001" Barb to FIP Adapter$2.45
MDPVCFA1251-1/4" Barb to FIP Adapter$2.65
MDPVCFA1501-1/2" Barb to FIP Adapter$3.45
MDPVCFA2002" Barb to FIP Adapter$5.22
MDPVCMA75501/2" x 3/4" Barb to MIP Adapter$0.80
MDPVCMA10753/4" x 1" Barb to MIP Adapter$0.72
MDPVCMA50753/4" x 1/2" Barb to MIP Adapter$0.69
MDPVCMA75101" x 3/4" Barb to MIP Adapter$1.08
MDPVCMA101251-1/4" x 1" Barb x MIP Adapter$0.97
MDPVCCP501/2" Barbed Coupling$0.55
MDPVCCP753/4" Barbed Coupling$0.62
MDPVCCP1001" Barbed Coupling$0.75
MDPVCCP1251-1/4" Barbed Coupling$0.87
MDPVCCP1501-1/2" Barbed Coupling$1.25
MDPVCCP2002" Barbed Coupling$1.65
MDPVCCP75503/4" x 1/2" Barbed Coupling$0.75
MDPVCCP10751" x 3/4" Barbed Coupling$0.75
MDPVCPL501/2" Barbed Plug$0.40
MDPVCPL753/4" Barbed Plug$0.65
MDPVCPL1001" Barbed Plug$0.80
MDPVCPL1251-1/4" Barbed Plug$1.10
MDPVCPL1501-1/2" Barbed Plug$1.20
MDPVCPL2002" Barbed Plug$1.55
MDPVCEP501/2" Barbed 90° El$0.65
MDPVCEP753/4" Barbed 90° El$1.05
MDPVCEP1001" Barbed 90° El$1.25
MDPVCEP1251-1/4" Barbed 90° El$1.31
MDPVCEP1501-1/2" Barbed 90° El$1.58
MDPVCEP2002" Barbed 90° El$1.83
MDPTP753/4" Barbed Tee (Poly Insert)$0.80
MDPTP1001" Barbed Tee (Poly Insert)$1.10
MDPTP1251-1/4" Barbed Tee (Poly Insert)$1.30
MDPVCTF501/2" Barbed x Female Tee (Poly Insert)$0.90
MDPVCTF75503/4" x 1/2" Barbed x Female Tee (Poly Insert)$1.25
MDPVCTF753/4" Barbed x Female Tee (Poly Insert)$1.35

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