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Clevis Hangers

- Galvanized or copper-plated steel
- For use with 3/8" all-thread rod
- For suspension of light loads, pipe or conduit
- MSS SP58 Type 1

SC515-2C1/2" Copper Tube Size/Copper-Plated$1.62
SC515-3C3/4" Copper Tube Size/Copper-Plated$1.63
SC515-4C1" Copper Tube Size/Copper Plated$1.66
SC515-5C1-1/4" Copper Tube Size/Copper Plated$1.82
SC515-6C1-1/2" Copper Tube Size-Copper Plated$1.92
SC515-7C2" Copper Tube Size/Copper Plated$2.20
SC515-2G1/2" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$1.42
SC515-3G3/4" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$1.48
SC515-4G1" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$1.70
SC515-5G1-1/4" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$1.82
SC515-6G1-1/2" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$2.20
SC515-7G2" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$2.29
SC515-8G2 1/2" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$3.29
SC515-9G3" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$3.70
SC515-10G4" Iron Pipe Size/Galvanized$3.97

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