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Lenox® Hole Saw Arbors

Hole saw arbors for all your drilling needs.
- Added durability - hardened carbon steel for strength.
- Starts on contact - split point pilot drill for faster penetration and less walking.

LX17797741L Fits from 9L to 19L, Hex shank$12.75
LX17798012L Fits from 20L-96L, Hex shank$20.10
LX17798023L Fits from 20L-96L, Solid/Hex$20.00
LX17798034L Fits from 9L-19L, 3-sided$8.75
LX17798045L Fits from 9L-19L, Hex shank$13.00
LX17798056L Fits from 20L-96L, Hex shank$19.75
LX17798067L Ejection fits from 24L-96L, Hex shank$36.75

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