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Lenox® PVC/ABS Plastic Pipe Hand Saw

- Breezes through material - Unique pull cutting teeth cut quickly through all plastic pipe and wood.  Snap resistant angle eliminates binding in material.
- Durable blade - Rigid carbon blade with hardened teeth for long life.
- Comfortable handle - Large opening for work gloves.

LX20980-HSF-18018" Saw, Blade & Handle$21.95
LX20981_HSB-1818" Replacement Blade$11.25
LX20985-HSF-12012" Saw, Blade and Handle$19.70
LX20982_HSB-1212" Replacement Blade$8.75
LX20920-5012Hacksaw Frame with 1 Blade$25.30
LX20116-218HE12" Replacement Hacksaw Blade - 18 teeth per inch$1.60
LX20141V024HE12" Replacement Hacksaw Blade - 24 teeth per inch$1.60

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