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ABS J Hook with Nails

- Available in both copper tube and drain waste vent sizes.
- Calibrated for drainage fall or leveling.
- Snap-in and lock or glue to plastic pipe.
- Nails included.

SKUDescriptionOverall LengthPriceBuy
SC553-221/2" x 1/2" CTS Double J Hook5"$0.75
SC553-333/4" x 3/4" CTS Double J Hook 5"$0.84
SC553-21/2" CTS J Hook5"$0.51
SC553-33/4" CTS J Hook5"$0.59
SC553-61-1/2" DWV Size J Hook10"$0.63
SC553-72" DWV Size J Hook10-1/2"$0.68
SC553-83" DWV Size J Hook11-1/2"$0.75
SC553-94" DWV Size J Hook12-1/2"$0.83

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