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Bronze Body Water Pressure Regulator

 -Lead Free
- Compliant with the Federal No Lead Law

- For supply water pressures up to 300 lbs. and can be adjusted from 25 to 75 lbs.  The standard setting is 45 lbs.
- The by-pass feature incorporated into these valves accurately controls build-up of system pressure and thermal expansion by equalizing the system and supply pressure when relief setting is in excess of available supply main pressure.
- Maximum temperate 180°F.
- Stainless steel integral strainer.
- High temperature resistant reinforced diaphragm for hot or cold water.

ABU23135-00451/2" Water Pressure Regulator$136.00
ABU23136-00453/4" Water Pressure Regulator$139.00
ABU23138-00451" Water Pressure Regulator$159.00

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