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Flare & Compression Water Service Fittings

- Lead-free design is suitable for all no-lead potable water installations.
- Pack-joint end connections provide the maximum pullout resistance against internal pressure variations and backfilling stress.
- Pack-joint end connections are designed to be installed onto the types K or L copper water tubing and Polyethylene plastic tubing.
- Insert stiffeners are required at each pack-joint connection, when installing Polyethylene plastic tubing.

CTS - Copper Tube Size
IPS - Iron Pipe Size
FIP - Female Iron Pipe
MIP - Male Iron Pipe
Minn PAT - Minneapolis Pattern

AY313-204NL3/4" Compression Male Adapter CTS$19.50
AY313-209NL3/4" x 1" Compression Male Adapter CTS$23.00
AY313-210NL1" x 3/4" Compression Male Adapter CTS$25.00
AY313-205NL1" Compression Male Adapter CTS$29.70
AY313-206NL1-1/4" CTS Compression Male$51.50
AY313-207NL1-1/2" CTS Compression Male$50.00
AY313-208NL2" CTS Compression Male$89.00
AY313-274NL3/4" Compression Female Adapter CTS$20.50
AY313-275NL1" Compression Female Adapter CTS$28.10
AY313-276NL1-1/4" CTS Compression Female$46.56
AY313-277NL1-1/2" CTS Compression Female$49.50
AY313-278NL2" CTS Compression Female$72.00
AY313-214NL3/4" Compression Coupling CTS$26.60
AY313-220NL1" x 3/4" Compression Coupling CTS$34.80
AY313-215NL1" Compression Coupling CTS$34.00
AY313-216NL1-1/4" CTS Compression Coupling$69.00
AY313-217NL1-1/2" CTS Compression Coupling$90.00
AY313-218NL2" CTS Compression Coupling$125.00
AY313-334NL3/4" CTS Compression 90°$35.70
AY313-335NL1" CTS Compression 90°$48.00
AY313-324NL3/4" CTS Compression x MIP 90°$30.50
AY313-325NL1" CTS Compression x MIP 90°$41.10
AY313-330NL1" x 3/4" CTS Compression x mip 90$38.52
AY313-339NL3/4" IPS x Male Compression 90° El$37.62
AY313-394NL3/4" CTS Compression Tee$48.36
AY313-397NL1" x 3/4" Compression Tee CTS$65.11
AY313-395NL1" CTS Compression Tee$70.00
AY313-385NL3/4" Compression Male Tee$51.96
AY313-4043/4" CTS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$2.10
AY313-4051" CTS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$2.39
AY313-4061-1/4" CTS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$2.88
AY313-4071-1/2" CTS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$3.25
AY313-4082" CTS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$3.30
AY314-304NL3/4" Curb Stop Minn PAT FIP$54.00
AY314-305NL1"Curb Stop Minn PAT FIP$99.00
AY314-314NL3/4" Compression Curb Stop Minn PAT CTS$101.40
AY314-315NL1" Compression Curb Stop Minn PAT CTS$151.00
AY313-234NL3/4" IPS Compression Male$22.50
AY313-235NL1" IPS Compression Male$51.00
AY313-284NL3/4" IPS Compression Female$25.80
AY313-244NL3/4" IPS Compression Coupling$36.00
AY313-245NL1" IPS Compression Coupling$73.00
AY313-257NL1" IPSxCTS Compression Coupling$63.00
AY313-253NL3/4" IPSxCTS Compression Coupling$33.60
AY313-256NL3/4" x 1" Compression Coupling IPS x CTS$37.00
AY313-255NL1" x 3/4" Compression Coupling IPS x CTS$59.00
AY313-134NL3/4" No Lead Meter Compression Coupling$13.28
AY313-4143/4" IPS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$2.50
AY313-4061" IPS Stainless Sleeve for Poly$2.88
AY313-004NL3/4" Flare Male Adaptor$24.99
AY313-005NL1" Flare Male Adaptor$34.50
AY313-024NL3/4" Flare Female Adapter$23.75
AY313-025NL1" Flare Female Adapter$31.19
AY313-104NL3/4" Flare Coupling$37.50
AY313-105NL1" Flare Coupling$52.50

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