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8" SDR35 Solvent Weld Fittings

Solvent weld sewer fittings are third party tested and listed by NSF, UPC, and CSA to meet specifications definite in ASTM D 3034 and CSA B182.2.

SKUPipe SizeDescriptionPriceBuy
MCA3088"90° SDR35 SW Ell$73.28
MCA4088"90° SDR35 SW Street Ell$90.18
MCA5088"45° SDR35 SW Ell$51.87
MCA6088"45° SRD35 SW Street Ell$63.56
MCA7088"22° SDR35 SW Ell$60.03
MCA7188"22° SDR35 SW Street Ell$63.82
MCA8088"SDR35 Short Tee$108.01
MCA11088"SDR35 Sanitary Tee$165.09
MCA9088"SDR35 Wye$125.00
MCA1088"SDR35 Coupling$36.36
MCA14088"SDR35 Cap$33.05
MCA21088"SDR35 Female Adaptor$99.91
MCA20088"SDR35 Plug (Threaded)$70.18
MCA19088"SDR35 Clean Out Adaptor$108.64

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