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DWV SCH40 Solvent Weld Reducing Fittings

- PVC solvent weld DWV molded fittings are third party tested and listed by NSF, UPC, and CSA to meet specifications defined in ASTM D 2665, F 1866, and CSA B181.2, where applicable.

SKUPipe SizeDescriptionPriceBuy
MC21262" x1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Sanitary Tee$3.30
MC23252" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Wye$5.44
MC30222" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Coupling$2.04
MC27522" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Bushing$1.16
MC21313" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Sanitary Tee$8.25
MC23313" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Wye$7.56
MC30233" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Coupling$5.85
MC27623" x 1-1/2"SCH40 Reducing Bushing$5.50
MC21303" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Sanitary Tee$8.56
MC23263" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Wye$11.30
MC30243" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Coupling$5.05
MC27543" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Bushing$3.74
MC21344" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Sanitary Tee$16.40
MC23284" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Wye$11.69
MC30254" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Coupling$11.53
MC27584" x 2"SCH40 Reducing Bushing$9.63
MC21364" x 3"SCH40 Reducing Sanitary Tee$19.94
MC23274" x 3"SCH40 Reducing Wye$16.85
MC30264" x 3"SCH40 Reducing Coupling$12.33
MC27564" x 3"SCH40 Reducing Bushing$5.16

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