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Cash Acme® Safety Relief Valves

NCLX T & P Relief Valve
- Cash Acme NCLX Combination Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves are designed for the protection of hot water heaters and storage tanks.
- Cash Acme NCLX Valves are designed to meet all applicable standards and are ideal for all domestic water heater applications.
- Complete with temperature sensing element.
- Listed by CSA and ASME: Inspector friendly, peace of mind!
F-30 and F-82 Safety Relief Valves
- The Cash Acme F-30 and F-82 Relief Valves are compact and economical pressure only for water supply heaters and storage tanks.
- The Cash Acme F-30 and F-82 Relief Valves are designed for use on hot water service only and not to be used on steam.
- Listed by ASME: Inspector friendly, pease of mind!

SKUDescriptionPressure RatingPriceBuy
ABU15836-01503/4" Relief Valve- Temperature & Pressure150 PSI$15.00
ABUNCLX-51753/4" Relief Valve - Temperature & Pressure175 PSI$15.00
ABU19783-01503/4" Relief Valve - Long Reach - Temperature & Pressure150 PSI$19.00
ABU20166-00303/4" Relief Valve - Pressure30 PSI$16.00
ABU13570-01503/4" Relief Valve - Pressure150 PSI$54.95

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