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Merrill Check Valves

Available in Lead Free Brass or #304 Stainless Steel

- Finished valve body and poppet assembly are cast from red brass or stainless steel.
- Abrasion resistance O-ring is precision fitting to the poppet for a positive seal into the tapered self-cleaning valve seat.
- Check valve has Delrin guide bearing for the poppet stem, assures smooth, noise-free valve operating.
- Corrosion resistant materials.
- Can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions.

SKUSize DescriptionPriceBuy
MDCVNL501/2"Lead Free Brass Check Valve$7.59
MDCVNL753/4"Lead Free Brass Check Valve$10.23
MDCVNL1001" Lead Free Brass Check Valve$14.52
MDCVNL1251-1/4" Lead Free Brass Check Valve$19.44
MDCVNL1501-1/2" Lead Free Brass Check Valve $26.73
MDCVNL2002"Lead Free Brass Check Valve $48.40
MDCVS501/2"#304 Stainless Steel Check Valve$13.78
MDCVS753/4"#304 Stainless Steel Check Valve$18.44
MDCVS1001"#304 Stainless Steel Check Valve$26.40
MDCVS1251-1/4"#304 Stainless Steel Check Valve$33.92
MDCVS1501-1/2"#304 Stainless Steel Check Valve$45.52
MDCVS2002"#304 Stainless Steel Check Valve$78.21

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