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PVC Ball Valves

Available in National Pipe Thread or Solvent Weld
- These compact ball valves are constructed of ASTM D1784 virgin PVC resin.  
- Large ports allow maximum flow and minimum pressure drop or turbulence.
- Severe shock loads and stress are absorbed by the valve body, not the ball and seats, thereby minimizing the chance of uneven wear and leakage.
- May be installed on schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe.
- Pressure rating: 150 WOG at 73°F
- Maximum service temperature: 140°F

TMP200T121/2" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$2.53
TMP200T343/4" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$3.25
TMP200T11" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$4.11
TMP200T1141-1/4" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$5.75
TMP200T1121-1/2" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$8.92
TMP200T22" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$11.38
TMP200T33" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$46.00
TMP200T44" PVC Ball Valve - Threaded$69.95
TMP200S1/2" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$2.53
TMP200S343/4" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$3.25
TMP200S11" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$4.11
TMP200S1141-1/4" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$5.75
TMP200S1121-1/2" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$8.92
TMP200S22" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$11.38
TMP200S33" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$46.00
TMP200S44" PVC Ball Valve - Solvent Weld$69.95

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