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Fernco® Flexible Sewer Couplings

- Fernco couplings are used for all types of in-house and sewer connections: drain waste, vent piping, house-to-main repairs, cut-ins, conductor and roof drains and increasers-reducers.
- Made of touch elastomeric polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they are strong, resilient and unaffected by soil conditions. They are also resistant to chemicals, ultravoilet rays, fungus growth, and normal sewer gasses due to the inert nature and physical properties of the material.
- Fernco couplings are leakproof, rootproof and seal against infiltration and exfiltration.
- Other sizes and types available - call for prices.

SKU SizeDescriptionPriceBuy
PCPCX56_0753/4" x 3/4"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$7.20
PCPCX56_1001" x 1"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$7.20
PCPCX56-1251-1/4" x 1-1/4" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$3.51
PCPCX56-150-1251-1/2" x 1-1/4"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$3.87
PCPCX56-150-1501-1/2" x 1-1/2" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$3.75
PCPCX56-2152" x 1-1/2"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$4.26
PCPCX56-222" x 2"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$4.04
PCPCX56-323" x 2"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$5.00
PCPCX56-333" x 3"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$5.45
PCPCX56-424" x 2" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$9.48
PCPCX56-434" x 3" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$7.34
PCPCX56-444" x 4" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$6.81
PCPCX56-646" x 4" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$17.00
PCPCX56-666" x 6" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$14.50
PCPCX56-868" x 6"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$27.00
PCPCX56-888" X 8"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$22.40
PCPCX56-10810" x 8"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$36.80
PCPCX56-101010" x 10" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$33.60
PCPCX56-121212" x 12" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$34.00
PCPCX56-151515" x 15"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$53.50
PCPCX56-181818" x 18"PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$105.00
PCPCX56-212121" x 21" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$138.00
PCPCX56-242424" x 24" PVC to PVC Sewer Coupler$139.00
PCPCX02-444" x 4" Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$6.81
PCPCX02-646" x 4" Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$17.00
PCPCX02-666" x 6" Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$14.50
PCPCX02-868" x 6" Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$27.00
PCPCX02-888" x 8"Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$22.40
PCPCX02-101010" x 10" Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$33.60
PCPCX02-121212" x 12"Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$39.00
PCPCX02-151515" x 15" Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$58.30
PCPCX02-181818" x 18"Clay to PVC Sewer Coupler$118.00
PCPCX01-444" x 4"Clay to Clay Sewer Coupler$7.35
PCPCX01-646" x 4"Clay to Clay Sewer Coupler$17.00
PCPCX01-666" x 6" Clay to Clay Sewer Coupler$15.75
PCPCX01-888" x 8"Clay to Clay Sewer Coupler$24.25
PCPCX06-444" x 4"Concrete to PVC Sewer Coupler$7.35
PCPCX06-666" x 6"Concrete to PVC Sewer Coupler$16.25
PCPCX04-444" x 4"Concrete to Concrete Sewer Coupler$7.75
PCPCX51-444" x 4" Fiber to PVC Sewer Coupler$7.35
PCPCX51-666" x 6"Fiber to PVC Sewer Coupler$15.75
PCPCX51-888" x 8"Fiber to PVC Sewer Coupler$24.25

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