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Shark Bite™ Stop 1/4 Turn Valves

The Shark Bite™ Connection System now includes stop 1/4 turn valves - straight and angle. Shark Bite™ brings the convenience of push-fit technology to the final phase of the plumbing system with no soldering, clamps or glue - just cut, push, done.
- Easy, push-fit connections for connecting supply lines to fixtures and appliances.
- No soldering required.
- Design certified and listed to ASSE 1061/NSF 61. 
- Listed by IAPMO and are certified for potable water and hydronic heating water distribution (note: Glycol mixture for hydronics is not to exceed 100% concentration). 
- Certified for underground applications and as a manufactured joint without access panels and they meet UPC, IPC and CUPC.
- Disconnect clips need to remove flittings.

SKUAvailable SizesDescriptionPriceBuy
ABU230361/2" SharkBite x 3/8" CompressionAngle Valve$12.90
ABU233361/2" SharkBite x 1/4" OD CompressionAngle Valve$12.90
ABU230371/2" SharkBite x 3/8" CompressionStraight Valve$12.90
ABU233371/2" SharkBite x 1/4" OD CompressionStraight Valve$12.90

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