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Genuine Sloan Parts

- Now from the William H. Harvey Company - Genuine Sloan Flush Valve Repair Parts.
- These Genuine Sloan repair parts contains all parts necessary to repair the Sloan Royal Flush valve.  All packages are blister carded (or header card bagged) for quick part identification.  Harvey's brand packaging is complete with helpful easy-to-follow assembly drawings.

HWSR102A-156-A Diaphragm$6.85
HWSR004A-15-A Molded Disc$5.46
HWSR202A-36-A Closet Inside Parts Repair Kit$20.30
HWSR204A-37-A Urinal Inside Parts Repair Kit$20.30
HWSR206A-38-A Water Saver Closet Inside Parts Repair Kit$20.30
HWSR006A-19-AC Closet Relief Valve$8.55
HWSR008A-19-AU Urinal Relief Valve$8.55
HWSR104A-71 Inside Cover$9.45
HWSR120A-72 Outside Cover, Chrome Plated$34.80
HWSR002B-32-A Handle Assembly Complete$18.05
HWSR106B-50-A Handle Repair Kit$4.60
HWSR302F-54-A 3/4" Spud Coupling Assembly$22.10
HWSR308F-55-A 1-1/4" Spud Coupling Assembly$22.10
HWSR310F-56-A 1-1/2" Spud Coupling Assembly$22.10
HWSR138H-541-AA 1" S.D. Stop Repair Kit$16.15
HWSR144H-543-AA 3/4" S.D. Stop Repair Kit$16.15
HWSR502V-500-AA 3/4" x 9" Urinal Vacuum Breaker Complete Kit$25.30
HWSR506V-500-AA 1-1/2" x 9" Closet Vacuum Breaker Complete Kit$25.30
HWSR602V-551-A Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit$3.45
HWSR906#110 Closet Flush Valve$178.00
HWSR908#186 Urinal Flush Valve$178.00

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