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Woodford Hydrant Repair Parts

Genuine Woodford Repair Parts

SKUDia. #DescriptionPriceBuy
WM15003 Y34 Head Assembly (includes items 1, 3-16)$83.00
WM15001 Y1 Head Asembly (includes items 2, 3-15 & 17)$90.15
WM150041Y34 Head with 3/4" Nozzle$50.35
WM150022Y1 Head with 3/4" Nozzle$59.50
WM101003Packing Nut$3.05
WM101025Packing Support Washer$1.10
WM101046Brass Rod Stem$2.70
WM100117Reducing Coupling$5.45
WM1010518Y34 Plunger$8.65
WM1001819Y34 Valve Body (3/4" NPT Inlet)$25.40
WM1010620Y1 Plunger$10.80
WM1001721Y1 Valve body (1" NPT Inlet)$43.00
WMRK-YHL Repair Kit (Includes items 8-14)$19.70

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